Mullen’s Intro to PR


When signing up for Into to PR with Jennifer Mullen, I was pretty confident that I would enjoy the class. The previous semester I took Comm 101 with her and after that class I declared a Communication major with a concentration in Public Relations. I enjoyed the class so much because it wasn’t like I was doing work; I actually got the concept and liked learning more. After taking a three semesters of foundational studies classes something finally clicked.

In Intro to PR Mullen really pushed social media skills on us. For the class we were graded weekly on blog entries, tweets, and our LinkedIn profile. At the beginning  I wasn’t so sure of this approach, but I figured it would be an easy A, so I went along with it. About half way through the semester I got an E-mail about a really awesome internship opportunity with The Campus Special, and applied. One evening I got on my LinkedIn and saw that one of the Account Managers from The Campus Special had looked at my profile. I had no idea what to do. Then, the next day I had my first phone interview with the company. Three interviews later, an intense venting about my nervousness and resume building session with Mullen, I had the position. Now I am leaving for training this Friday in Chicago, and who knows if it would have been possible without Mullen having us make a LinkedIn profile! We also did things such as write press releases and campaigns for actually non-profit organizations. I had applied these skills to my other classes and it has been a great help already having the knowledge, and even a template to help along the way. Being in a class that offers real world experience gives you a feel for whether or not this is a field that is for you.

Aside from that, Mullen is one of my favorite professors I have had at Indiana State. She doesn’t bore you with busy work. She tells you how it is and doesn’t waste your time. She also doesn’t let you waste hers. She gives clear deadlines for assignments and sticks to them; which I like. It might not be nice the night before it’s due, but in the real world, especially the PR world, there are real deadlines. Mullen is also so passionate about what she does that it shows through in her teaching. Having a professor that is a cheerleader for your success makes all of the difference. After being in one of her classes for the past two semesters I’m not sure how I feel about her not offering any other courses! If you are a student at ISU thinking about taking her class, I highly recommend it.

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Get in, get happy


What would the Super Bowl be without its infamous commercials? If you are not a guy, chances are the commercials and Beyoncé’s performance were the highlights of the game for you. I can’t say that I saw every commercial because of working interfering… again. Out of all of the ones I saw, I do have a favorite.

I liked the Volkswagon Beetle commercial the best. I liked it so much because it was simple and straight to the point. It didn’t have a lot of nonsense in it like other commercials did. There was one message – Be happy. While critics were tweeting and posting blogs saying that it was racist, I didn’t think so at all. The two main points that the commercial is being accused of being racist is because the main guy with the Volkswagon is from Minnesota, but is clearly speaking with a Jamaican accent. There was also reggae music playing in the background. I think that he was speaking with a Jamaican accent with reggae music playing was to portray that he was living the happy worry free life that Jamaicans are known for. That’s not racist to me or something to be offended by in my eyes. I would take it as a compliment if someone came up to me and said “wow you really live a worry free life style.” That is what life is all about, doing what you love and being happy while doing it. Obviously owning a Volksagon Beetle isn’t going to do this for you, but what I think the company is trying to get across is that it can help you along the journey. People are looking too closely into things and trying to find something to criticize about a great commercial. Some people just need to don’t worry, and be HAPPY! 🙂

“The road may be rocky, but it sure feels good to me.” -Bob Marley

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