Communication Plan

Ryves Hall Communications Timeline

Raffle for Ryves Campaign

Campaign Objective:

To raise money for Ryves Youth Center at Etling Hall to help sponsor the Junior Olympics Amateur Boxing Championship. We plan to raise awareness and encourage community involvement and volunteering for the youth center.

Campaign Materials/Elements Available for Local Use:

  • Signage:
    • Flyers
  • Ads/PSA
  • Radio PSA
  • Print Materials:
    • Sponsor Letter
    • ISU Statesman
  • Miscellaneous/Viral Marketing:
    • Social Media

Group Member Roles

  • Jim Edwards is Director of Ryves Hall. ALL materials will be produced for Jim and he will be approving all promotional efforts made for the organization.
  • Hayley and Chelsey are project managers and will be overseeing all group activities and assigning tasks.
  • Shanelle will be responsible for any radio promotions.
  • Damon will be responsible for producing flyers for the fundraiser.
  • Laura will be responsible for creating a Facebook page for the fundraiser.
  • Diana, Kristine, Liz and Vicente will be responsible for producing donations from businesses for the fundraiser.
  • Sponsors and donors will be in contact with all group members and providing financial assistance for the event.

Campaign Tactical Plan and Recommendations:

Public Relations

We recommend using the maximum amount of promotional resources to promote the fundraising efforts and the boxing event at a minimum cost.  We are working with a very limited budget ($0), so it will be extremely important to rely on our already-developed relationships with various campus contacts, sponsors, and donors to be successful in our endeavors.

Our goals are to:

  • Raise awareness for Ryves Youth Center
  • Attract an audience for the event
  • Community donation involvement




_________________________________________________________Estimated PR cost: FREE

Communication Materials

Separate from the PSA and other marketing materials, a few communication materials will be created to support the public relations efforts behind the campaign for Ryves Youth Center. These will include:

  • Press release
  • Fact sheet
  • Facebook Page
  • Letters to the Sponsors
  • Raffle Flyers: printing cost

_______________________________Estimated Communication Materials cost: 3¢ per flyer

Other Media

In addition to the traditional media outlets, such as print and radio, we plan to launch a buzz campaign. With the use of certain materials, the campaign will be spread throughout the campus in high-traffic locations.

Buzz Marketing Materials available:

  • Twitter: Free
  • Facebook: Free
  • Donated Goods for Raffle Baskets: Free
  • Photographer and Videographer for the Event: Free

_________________________________________________Estimated Other Media cost: FREE


We will be measuring our success on a quantitative scale. We plan to increase the number of sponsors for the event and increase the number of spectators present. As a group, we would like to raise $100 from the raffle to provide Ryves Youth Center with new equipment upon their request.

Local Campaign Timeline:

  • March
    • March 25 – Meeting with the Director of Ryves to discuss the event and fundraiser
    • Mach 26 – Meeting with group to solidify plans for fundraising efforts and assign group tasks
    • March 28 – Begin contacting sponsors and donors for prizes and for help paying for promotional efforts
    • April
      • April 15 – Begin buzz campaign with social media
      • April 18– All sponsorships gathered and all prizes obtained for fundraising efforts
      • April 20 – Begin PSA and hang flyers around campus
      • April 24 – Fundraising event on campus from 10:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. at fountain
      • April 27-28 – Junior Olympic Amateur Boxing Championship at Ryves

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