So You Want to Blog?


Every blogger knows that you can’t just sit down at your computer, write a bunch of nonsense and be a self-proclaimed blogging guru. The more you look around and research, you will find that there are specific strategies that bloggers use. Here are my most important rules:

1. Be Authentic. Use your own voice. In other words, type your words so they come out naturally as if you were speaking. People can get their information from anywhere (duh, Google) so you have set yourself apart and make these people come back every week to read what you have to say. Also, you have to find your niche. When you come across a successful blog, you will notice that it is a style blog, a stay at home mom blog, a craft blog, or a makeup blog. You are more likely to write better about something you enjoy. Keeping your blog consistent with a subject like the ones said, but not limited to, you will help you in developing a strong reader base.

2. Post Consistently. Giving your readers a guaranteed post to look forward to every week gives you more hits on your blog. By picking a day of the week and posting on that day gives your readers something to be excited about and want to come back. Even if they don’t like a particular post, you already have them hooked and they will likely be back next week to check on things. By posting every week, you are forcing yourself to write even if you might not feel extra motivated that day. The only way you get better at things is practice, practice, practice!

3. Allow Comments. Open up your comments section, and make sure you are commenting back! Yes, people can be mean, but they can also be positive, helpful, and give you a new idea for your next blog post. By commenting back to your readers you are giving them the sense that they know you and that you are some sort of cyber friends. I think you know what is coming next… which means more readers!

While these are my top three tips, there a plenty more to make yourself a highly effective blogger. I chose these three tips because these are the things that make me go to the blogs that I regularly read.

The Small Things Blog

Lauren Conrad

Makeup by Alli

photo credit: creativity den


3 thoughts on “So You Want to Blog?

  1. I definitely agree with the “be authentic” tip. When reading your blog, I could tell it was your own voice and that really makes it more fun to read. I also had the tips for keeping to a schedule and allowing comments. I feel like it just makes for a better blog when you respect your readers and allow for their feedback. Great writing!

  2. I LOVE your post. Especially the part about blogging consistently. I have tried to start several blogs, and I always get off to a great start but then I’ll skip a day…then a week….then a month…and before I know it I’m not posting anymore. By that time people have already started to notice and now I look like a complete fake, because I didn’t follow through. So to me that was a great tip and very helpful because I definitely need to keep up with the blogging.

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