Twitter. If you are at all familiar with social media, you know what twitter is and you most likely have one. Twitter is arguably the most popular form of social media out there; with an average of 175 million tweets being sent, and about 300,000 new users a day. Twitter is a way to connect with friends, colleagues, and advertisers. When using twitter, without even realizing it, you are advertising for other companies with a simple hashtag. 

For the most part, I think that companies do a good job with using twitter as a form of advertisement. They can promote deals, promotions, and new items and have it out to millions of people in an instant. Mixing the fact that twitter is a free form of advertisement with the statistics stated above, I think tweeting is beneficial for companies. For the most part, the only bad advertisement is no advertisement in my eyes. Even if a company experiences a hashtag horror story, people will forget about it and move on to the next big thing in five minutes. There is always an opportunity to redeem your social media credibility. Even if a hash tag doesn’t turn out how you planned, it is still getting your name out to the public; you just have to bounce back. 

One hashtag that sticks out to me was Susan Boyle’s, #susanalbumparty. While this hashtag was meant to promote her new album, if you look closely, the meaning can be altered. While I do consider this a hashtag fail, I agree with some critics and do believe this could have been on purpose. Either way, this hashtag earned Susan the attention she was looking for. She probably even had people tweeting about her who had never listened to her music before. 

I think her publicists did the right thing by leaving the hashtag running. It was seen as a harmless joke to twitter users in the end, and it earned her a lot of new publicity. 

Photo credit: mashable.com 


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